Japanese Culture Classes

Honolulu Myohoji Cultural Center:

To contribute to the promotion of Japanese culture in Hawaii, at the Honolulu Myohoji, Japanese cultural classes are being held. Due to the influence of Buddhism on Japanese culture, the study of Japanese culture becomes a link to understanding Buddhism and human life. Nevertheless, the Honolulu Myohoji Cultural Center is not an ordinary community center.   It is a cultural center within temple functions. Through the cultural activities we can educate to a deeper understanding of Buddhism and daily life. That is why those who study cultural activities at the Cultural Center are urged to participate in the activities of the Honolulu Myohoji as a part of Buddhist religious training.


Sado  (Tea Ceremony)

Nihon- Buyo (Japanese Dance) ONOE-school

Chorus “Ilima Echo”

Aikido (Honolulu Ki Society)

Karate (Goju-ryu, method of self-defense)