The Way that Honolulu Myohoji Should Be

In order to live happily on earth, we need a philosophy that becomes our policy for action.  If that philosophy is pure and good, a person that takes action according to that philosophy can live happily.  On the contrary, if that philosophy is bad, a person becomes unhappy.

Our philosophy is truly the teaching of the Lotus Sutra.  The Lotus Sutra is the highest teaching that was left to us by Shakyamuni Buddha.  This teaching must become the philosophy that the Honolulu Myohoji is managed by.  It was based on the Lotus Sutra that the mission of Honolulu Myohoji, which was selected.

1, To seek the spiritual happiness of all people.

2, To make a better and peaceful community in Hawaii.

3, We always strive to serve society and by so doing, we will contribute to the development of humankind.  Furthermore, our efforts will add to the value of Hawaiian Society’s existence. We should be helpful temple in Hawaii’s community.

The teaching of the lotus sutra is the teaching of Rita (benefiting others).   Rita is to contribute to the world and the people.  This mind of rita, the mind of serving others, is the primary policy for action of Honolulu Myohoji.  To exist as an organization in this world, to survive as an organization, it is necessary to become an organization that is beneficial to society.  This is the basic premise and it is simple.

Is Honolulu Myohoji beneficial to Hawaiian society?  It is essential that we always ask ourselves this question. If we really seek to protection our location, we must actively connect with outside organizations.  And we must do what is possible for the sake of outside organizations.  By so doing, our location will be recognized by people, and our location will become necessary for the world.   The result is that the location becomes protected by society.  To be of service to others is not religion.  It is not religion but universal truth.

What is most important for Honolulu Myohoji is to become an organization that is necessary for society.  That alone is the point.  The real truth is realized through actions that benefit others. Real truth cannot be expressed by words and language.

We can understand this by seeing Mother Teresa’s way of life.  Mother Teresa was a person of prayer and social contribution.

No matter what the cost, I will make the Myohoji an organization that is beneficial to Hawaiian society.  I believe that this is the way to repay the debt of gratitude to our ancestors who built the Myohoji.