Many Japanese and American think that Nichiren-Shu is a Japanese religion for the Japanese. That thinking, however, is old and narrow. Nichiren-Shu is a world religion that equals Christianity. That is because the Nichiren-Shu is a religion that worships the Lotus Sutra. In Japan, there are many religions that worship that Lotus Sutra, but for the religion that firmly inherits that spirit of St. Nichiren and with the founder of Buddhism, Shakyamuni Buddha, as its main object of worship, there is only Nichiren-Shu. In the first place, the grave of St. Nichiren is in the main temple of Nichiren-Shu.


Today there are 11 priests, who are not of Japanese nationality, who are propagating throughout the world. The Nichiren-Shu is steadily spreading over the world.


The reason that the Nichiren-Shu is a world religion can be found in the Truth of the Lotus Sutra. The two great themes of the Lotus Sutra are equal great wisdom and enlightened from the remote past.


The first theme, equal great wisdom, is the teaching that we, humankind, are brothers and sisters. Enlightened from the remote past is the teaching that we are living eternal life. These two are the main themes of the Lotus Sutra.


Shakyamuni Buddha is saying that the people living in the entire universe are his sons and daughters. The people of the world are the children of Shakyamuni Buddha. The sutra, which is telling us such a teaching, is only the Lotus Sutra. In the presence of the Truth of the Lotus Sutra such matters of being a foreigner and cultural differences are completely irrelevant.


All humankind is receiving the life of the same precious value from Shakyamuni Buddha. In the fundamental essence of a human being there stands the teaching of Nichiren-Shu. Such things as language, culture, nationality, ability wealth or poverty, social status are secondary matters. The Nichiren-Shu is a religion that worships the life that resides within these. A former prime minister of Japan, Mr. Fukuda, had said that the value of human life is greater that an entire earth. Any human being is living that precious life of the same value. We are a religion that worships the life of people. That is why the Nichiren-Shu is a world religion.


Moreover, in the Namu Myoho Renge Kyo, which we of the Nichiren-Shu chant, there is the magnificent spirit of human life.


Namu is to have faith in, to entrust. It is to rely on and to leave all in the hands of the Buddha. Myoho is the wondrousness of being sustained and the miraculous power that is giving us life. Human beings cannot create a single flower petal. Human beings cannot create life. Life is given to us by Eternal Shakyamuni Buddha, the fundamental entity of the universe. To be alive is the gift of Eternal Buddha. That we are alive is to be under the category of Eternal Buddha. These are matters that we cannot speculate about with our intelligence. That is why the fact that we are living is miraculous. Namu Myoho is to rely in the miraculous power, which is giving us life, at this very instant, and to entrust ourselves to that power. It is to entrust ourselves to Eternal Buddha. It is to be grateful to the wondrousness of being sustained at this moment.


Renge means bodhisattva. It is to have the life, which we have received from Shakyamuni Buddha, who is the fundamental entity of the universe, work for the sake of others and society. The lotus, within the muddy pond, blooms with a white flower and beautifully. This world is dirty with the selfish desire of human beings.   Nevertheless, we are not contaminated by that dirt and we live as a lotus flower for this world. Renge is the spirit to live as a savior for society.


Kyo means the vertical longitude line of a map. When a string is hung with a weight from a pole, both the weight and the string are faced downward. They are faced downward no matter where we go in the world. Kyo is expressing the unchanging Truth.


We offer our gratitude to the wondrousness of receiving life that is sustaining us, and we strive to live for the sake of society and others. That is the truth of human life and Namu Myoho Renge Kyo.


From the meaning of the sacred title we also can understand why the Nichiren-Shu should be a world religion