One of the roles functions of the temple is to be teach people about the importance of life.

People simply say that “I am living. “ But, such thinking is mistaken.

We have to say I am being sustained

Our life is one part of Mother Nature, and it is being ruled and controlled by God and Buddha.

We can understand this when we think about the great earthquakes and natural disasters that occurred suddenly in history.

The mistaken thinking is the cause for suicide. It also is the cause for thinking lightly about the life of another.

Life is the possession of no one.

I am being sustained. This is the Universal Truth. Human being are being sustained by the blessings of Mother Nature, and living through the labor of many people. This is the basic mind of Buddhism.

I would like to share a poem with you, which was written by a doctor who died young from illness during his mid-thirties. It is a poem that he wrote for his daughters twenty days before his passing.


The Ordinary


Why is it that everyone is not happy

With the wonderful thing called the ordinary?

The ordinary is

That we have a father and a mother,

That we have two hands and two feet,

That we can walk to where we want to go,

That we can take hold of anything when we extent our hand,

That we can hear and talk.

Is there any greater happiness?

Yet, no one rejoices over these things.

They laugh because these things are ordinary.

We can eat food.

We can sleep peacefully at night.

And the morning comes again.

We can inhale fully

We can laugh, cry, and let out a cry.

We can run about—these are ordinary things.

They will never delight in these wonderful things.

Those who know the blessings of the ordinary things

Are those who have lost them.

I wonder why?


The truth of human life is within this poem. Anyone has worries, troubles. However, many of our worries come from our extravagance. Desires.

Our worries begin from when we forget about the fact that we are really being blessed. These days there is much discussion about such things as the meaning of life, a sense of fulfillment and theories of happiness. That is because society has become rich and modernized. And we have become prosperous to the extent that we have the leeway to think about the meaning of life.

When I was in India I came to believe that it’s meaningless to think about the meaning of life.   No meaning of life.   because we are blessed by the leeway to think.   We have time to think.

In any case, a person must live. There is no meaning in that. We must simply live out our life on earth. The poem by the doctor gives us strength to live.

Compiled by Rev. Yamamura. Translated by Mr. Dean Makinodan






あたりまえ こんなすばらしいことを



お父さんがいる お母さんがいる

手が二本あって 足が二本ある


手をのばせば なんでもとれる

音がきこえて 声がでる


しかし だれもそれをよろこばない

あたりまえだと わらってすます





笑える 泣ける 叫ぶこともできる

走りまわれる みんなあたりまえのこと



そのありがたさを 知っているのは

それを亡くした人たちだけ なぜでしょう