How do we live healthy – from Ayurvedic point of view –

Common knowledge tells us that a strong constitution brings good health. We all know someone whose health seems robust. Not because they keep fit, eat the right foods, and avoid excess toxins. But because they were born with the strength that equips them to cope with the stress of modern life, and to restore and hereby equilibrium to their health. How most of us wish we could be like that: eat and do what we like, and not suffer the consequences.

But what is constitution? Ayurveda stresses that we are born with an individual constitution that is unique: an integral part of our being, a fixed point which is our personal baseline for health, a health equilibrium which we restore if we wish but which results in illness if we do not.

Ayurveda is a very comprehensive medical system, which has been practiced for generations in India as well as other countries, such as Sri Lanka. Based on the fundamental principles of life observed in deep meditations by ancient seers, Ayurveda is growing in popularity in the West.