What does it mean to be healthy? – from Ayurvedic point of view –

I’ve heard people says “I eat this every day because this is good for my health”, or “ I take this vitamin tablet because it’s good for my health”. But what does it mean to be healthy? How to define your health condition? Let’s focus on what we need to know to be healthy today.


According to Ayurveda, the definition of health consists of three aspects of your life: mind, body and soul. It means your physical body has to be well and not suffering from ill, but you also need to maintain your mind and soul. Let’s focus on mind and soul today.


Mind is without saying your state of mind. The best condition of the mind is always focusing on this present moment. In other words, your mind is neither in the past nor future. You are focusing on what you are doing right now. But we, human beings, are often destructed by some other things and might not be focusing on what’s happening right now.


Soul is something like your energy flowing within yourself. We are living in the spiritual society, but most of us have lost the connection to the spiritual self. That’s the start of suffering on your daily life. One of the reasons is because we live in the society of comparison.


We do not need to worry about suffering for life. Our life can be changed by meditation. Your morning and evening meditation can clear your mind. To learn more about meditation, please come and visit our temple. We have free meditation class on every Friday.


If you wish to be healthy or wish to be happier, let’s look back to your condition of health.