What’s “Yoga”?

Hi everyone! This is Jessica sharing a tip of Yoga, Ayurveda and waste-conscious lifestyle.


Today, I would like to define what’s “Yoga”. What would you imagine?

One of the prevailing ways of understanding Yoga is probably the poses you do on the yoga mat. And, yes, this is one of the ways of doing Yoga.  Let’s see what the original “Yoga” means in Sanskrit.



= Sanskrit word: “Yukti” 

= in English translation: Union, preparation, connection, practice, meditation on the supreme being


In short, “Yoga” means “union”. This “union” is the connection between your physical body and your mind.  In yoga, your soul (or mind) is regarded differently from your physical self. Yoga is the teaching of how to unite your physical body and your mind.  Thus, moving your body is just one of the practices you will do through Yoga. On next blog, I would like to explain what is the base of Yoga.


Thank you for reading!