“eight limbs” – The base of Yoga

Hello everyone! This is Jessica from Honolulu Myohoji. In the last entry, I mentioned “Yoga” is aiming to create a union of your physical and mental self. Today, I would like to mention what is the base of yoga.


For some that don’t know, Yoga is from India, but how old is yoga? There are a few different records, but it’s popularly said Yoga was created around 5000 years ago.

When you start learning Yoga, you will most likely read Patanjali’s “Yoga Sutra”. Patanjali mentions “eight limbs”, describing eight steps that act as guidelines on how to live a meaningful and purposeful life. When you practice Yoga at schools, you might chant for Patanjali before practicing as a gratitude of learning.

By the way, Patanjali is a very popular sage in India. They even have a company called “Patanjali”. hahaha!


“eight limbs”

= Sanskrit word: ashtanga

= Literal

 meaning: the eightfold path (ashta=eight, anga=limb)


Curious about what’s the “eight limbs” teaching? Please read my next blog!