Learning “eight limbs”

Hello everyone! This is Jessica from Honolulu Myohoji. Let me continue sharing the topic of “eight limbs” in Yoga.

What does the “eight limbs” refer to? It shares eight things to do in your daily life as below. Each of the teachings are very important, so I would like to mention the details in my future posts.


1. Yama – Things to do for yourself. The base of the learning of “eight limbs”.

2. Niyama – Things to do to others, for instance, how to get in touch with others.

3. Asana – Physical movement. Yoga regards physical movement as a stage of our spiritual growth.

4. Pranayama – Breath control. Yoga recommend people to use your breath as a start of concentration.

5. Pratyahara – Sensory transcendence. This is particularly for the transcendence of your five organs and senses of your body.

6. Dharana – Concentration. This is the stage you are not distracted by the outside of the environment and be in the stage of concentration.

7. Dhyana – Deeper concentration you can reach after Dharana. When you reach this stage, you can concentrate on things (or occasions) easily.

8. Samadhi – Profound connection with your true self, as a state of ecstasy. When you reach out to this stage, you will be able to connect whatever you want without having any destruction. This is the same phase of “Zanmai” on Buddhism.


Tip:  Stages 6 to 8 are practiced after stages 1 to 5 are fully established.


This is the deeper learning to enlighten your life. I would love to share more through this blog!

For the next two posts, I would like to share about energy from the Ayurvedic point of view.