Life of Science

Hi everyone! This is Jessica from Honolulu Myohoji. I would like to share information about energy from an Ayurvedic point of view today. Have you felt any energy of the earth on your daily basis?


Since 2010, I’ve been fortunate to travel to different parts of the world. I realized at times it’s not all about good food or breathtaking view. When I was hiking at Haleakala National Park, I realized I was in the flow of energy. It was beyond my description and couldn’t tell what it really is.


After learning Ayurveda, I learned Ayurveda is the combination of the word “life” and “science”. Ayurveda is a holistic approach to guide us to have a better life. When I attended a class on Ayurveda, I happened to learn that we, as humans, are living in the flow of energy, but at times we have lost touch with that flow of energy. In other words, people in modern life are very easy to be spiritually poor and lose the concept of what the true self is. The true self does not rely on what you have or how the physical body looks like. The true self can only be seen by looking into your heart. With that, let’s learn how we can be well in our daily life!


Thank you for reading!