How much Carbon footprint do you make per year?

Hi everyone! As a start of a New Year and decade, let’s think about a few things to our island better. I would like to share something that we can do to live better in the Aloha State.

Let’s learn what Carbon footprint is. Carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) caused by an individual, event, organization, or product, expressed as carbon dioxide equivalent. The largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities in the United States is from burning fossil fuels for electricity, heat, and transportation according to United States Environmental Protection Agency website.

It’s too broad to think how Carbon footprint affects our life, so I did some research how much we generate Carbon footprint and looked for what we can do. Below is the answer I found through University of Hawaii website.

“The average carbon footprint of a person in Hawaiʻi is estimated at ~12 tonnes of CO2 each year. It will take 12 million trees just below five years to remove all of that carbon.”

What can we do? One of the ways we can do is to bring attention to your day to day activities. For instance, think if you would like to take a car for driving or carpooling? Would you be able to dry your clothes on the lanai instead of using a dryer machine?. Why not bring your utensils and refuse getting extra condiment packets at your local restaurant?(which probably end up taking space on your fridge or getting wasted).

I am not saying you shouldn’t take advantage of 21st century’s technology and convenience. You might think these little activities won’t change the future dramatically. That’s not true. This day-to-day awareness is the relationship with the place you live. It includes respect and awareness to this island. Each of us have a relationship with the island you live. If you can realize it already, you have a spiritual connection with this land. Focusing on what you get and what you choose does influence our shared  future.

Your daily activities do affect the Carbon footprint, and it will indirectly come back to your future choices. We would not be able to live healthily without having a healthy earth. Let’s think of your day-to-day activities from your connection with your island.


UH Mānoa leads project to plant 1,000 trees in a day

Thanks for reading!