Hello from Oahu! This is a continuation of my last article. Today’s topic is “zero-waste”.

I briefly mentioned that “zero-waste” is a type of earth-friendly lifestyle. Let’s see what “zero-waste” practitioners actually do. Below 4 is the main pillars:

  1.       Reduce
  2.       Reuse
  3.       Recycle
  4.       Compost

There are many websites which introduces how to live free from waste already, so I would like to share tips for a better life with the combination of yoga, Ayurveda and waste-control.

One of the basis of yoga says “purify your environment”. It’s because what you see (or surrounding) is actually showing the state of your mind. Please imagine you need to accomplish one big task in a messy and trashy room. It would be very distracting with the surroundings and probably wouldn’t be easy to  complete a job in that type of room. The same thing can be said in your mind. The more your mind is purified, the more your surroundings are better.

It’s great if you are in a clean and neat environment already. How about the trash you have? Are you mindful with your trash?. Once trash has left your hand, it will end up going to a waste facility, even though lots of plastic are supposed to be “recycled”. Trash is indirectly related to a relationship between you and this mother earth. Would it be happier to have tidy environment within you? Would it be even better if you have a piece of connection with clean earth? Many people would say we need to work on environmental issues as a country, but we really have no time to wait for these gigantic firms to work with this issue. Each of us needs to take action now.

That’s why I would like everyone to be mindful with what you throw away in the trash bin. Your consciousness will lead you to live in a purified environment, too. 


Thank you for reading!