President’s Message

Happy New Year! Right now I think 2020 will go by as fast as 2019!?


May 24, 2020, Sunday, is the celebration of Honolulu Myohoji’s 90th Anniversary! A milestone for the Temple, in reflecting on the past history. We are already planning for the event. The main celebration will take place at the Hawaii Prince Hotel in Waikiki, recently renamed, 100 Sails. We believe having it at this venue will make coordination of logistics much easier, not only on the few volunteers available from the Temple but also the visiting ministers, who will not have to be concerned with transportation issues. We project the event will go a lot smoother this year.


We will seriously look at ways to put the Temple into a more stable, safe and sound financial position, to keep the operations going and the facilities in good condition. We just completed one capital project that sat for about 4 years in planning. With our new Property Management Group, Cadmus, we were able to complete the fencing of the property within a 6 month period. The fencing will help to discourage the “street people” from wandering around, posing a potential threat to persons and property.


Another capital improvement accomplished within the same period was the air conditioning of two rooms in the upstairs Community Hall. If the finances develop, we will air condition the entire Community Hall, replace the termite infested doors and place a flexible wooden floor over the concrete flooring. This will have less “wear and tear” on those who use the Hall and also encourage other community activities such as, perhaps, Ballroom Dancing, or further martial arts programs to bring in the children.


We will be replacing three rear doors of the Community Hall, ridden with termites. One door literally fell off its hinges with the wood so badly infested!


We have completed a contract with a new tree company to keep the trees under control for safety from falling limbs or tree trunks, for that matter!!


We are also taking bids to repave the Temple parking lot and the rental homes driveway.


The Temple is currently breaking even or showing a deficit in our monthly financials. As we spoke on prior occasions and as you notice, it takes a substantial flow of monies to keep the Temple facilities operational and functioning. The “old” concept that Honolulu Myohoji is “rich”, should be permanently discarded as a complete misguided understanding of reality. The Board is exploring ways to develop a wise, conscientious, ethical and stable way to provide the Temple a strong financial base. We will keep you updated as we move through 2020!  


Health and Happiness to you and yours in 2020!