Do you believe in energy flow?

Hello everyone! Do you believe in energy flow? If yes, please keep seeking your flow. If not, let’s learn what’s the energy flow first and you can choose if you want to learn more or not.

Energy is something you cannot see, but it truly takes you to the right path of your life. (Be careful, it can go wrong if you have negative energy!) Broadly, energy is flowing on this earth, but it is also flowing within your body. Have you heard of “Chakra”? That’s the merge of your energy. When you learn yoga, you will learn two energy flows – Ida and Pingala.

Ida: the sun energy

Pingala: the moon energy

These two energies comes from the rear area of your body and flows towards the head. These two energies have certain pathway of flowing, and where these two merge are called Chakra. We count chakra from the rear to the head. That’s because our energy flows from the lower part of your body to the head. I recommend people to maintain all chakras and energies to flow well. How do we do so? Yoga is one of the methods to flow your cycle, but if you don’t know which pose to try, I will recommend meditation. Meditation is such a powerful method to clear up your mind. If your mind is clear, you will be able to choose what’s important for you rather than relying on outside information.

On my next article, I would like to share a little bit more about your energy flow in terms of your belongings.


Thank you for reading!