Your belongings are related to your energy flow.

Hi everyone! From the continuation of my last article, I would like to share a little bit more about energy flow. We will focus on our belongings today.

If you have your bag (or purse) by your side, please try to visualize what’s in there. Once you imagined everything, please open the bag (or purse) to check if what you listed match with the items you have. Were you able to match all items?

This is just a sample of training how to be connected with your mind. If you could imagine what’s in your bag, that’s great! Imagine if your items in the bags are the memory and the bag as a brain. If you know what’s in your bag, it means your mind is clearer and easier to access what you have. Otherwise, you always need to look for the items you are looking for and it’s a waste of time.

I would like to suggest everyone to be mindful with what you carry. Please ask yourself, for instance: do you need to carry this every day? Does this item spark your joy? Each of the items carry energy just like we do. Thus, it’s important to be mindful while carrying the items you cherish. It’s not only important to clear your mind, but also important to unlock the energy your items have.

Another thing I would like to suggest is to clean your belongings. Purifying your surrounding is equal to clearing the access to your thoughts. It’s so easy to limit our energy from the outside of ourselves these days. That’s why we need to focus on every little thing of our small daily activities.  


Thank you for reading!