What’s the pristine life to be?

Aloha everyone! How’s your 2020 going? I hope all is well and have a blissful year!

Have you thought of what’s life to be? How would you like to experience your life? I would like to share what’s needed for us to love our life today. Pursuing something would very by people. I learned (and still learning) the core of my life goal through my Yoga practice. I would like to share this from my experience and surely it will apply to everyone, even to those who don’t practice yoga.

What I think is important for life is to focus on your “health”. “Health”, meaning mental and physical health, is the basement of your pristine life. Healthy body and mind is purified and has a good  flow of energy. Without having a good health, we will not be able to spend blissful moment. Why I think focusing on the “health” is the most pristine thing to focus?

To know what’s important for your life will enrich your life. How do we know what’s important for myself? One of my suggestions is to do some Yoga practices. Yoga asanas (poses)  are very useful to know your tendency or pattern of your emotions. Other good practice is meditation. Both practice will purify your emotion. When your mind is clear, you will know what to eat and what to do. This will lead you to good health and spirit.

I recommend people to take time for yourself daily. You can do it anywhere where a quiet environment is. If it’s difficult for you to do by yourself, Honolulu Myohoji is here for you to help. We offer both yoga and meditation classes. We have busier lifestyle and so easy to get distracted to pursue what’s the life to be. Buddhist believe in incarnation based on your past karma. Karma is created based on your past behavior. If you would like to have a happier incarnation, you should focus on your current life. Try to focus on your daily life by purifying your mind and body. That’s the start of your healthy life. What’s the pristine life for you?


Thanks for reading!