Human life is one and the same with the Universal Spirit (Eternal Buddha) that creates and sustains the Universe. Through his mind alone man can receive into his own life as much as power of the Spirit of the Universe as he desires.


Why does man have this great potential? It is because man has been given a great mission, that of working with the Universal Spirit in compliance with the law of creation and in obedience to the principle of evolution.


How glad I am to have this happiness and grace! Now my heart is eager to create something for the benefit of the world, and if I try to do so, Universal Spirit will surely guide me.


Now I feel fresh power and renewed vitality within my life. My mind and body are now born anew. I live in infinite joy and bright hope because I have now learned the secret of receiving the Diving Wisdom into my life. Thus, my creative power is extremely strong and perfect. Therefore, my life today is different from my life of yesterday; it is full of vitality and courage.


I will not fear anything, nor flinch before anyone; I will overcome all obstacles in my life. In deepest devotion I will unite my mind with the Universal Spirit, and do my utmost to advance the work of creation for the happiness of mankind, always acting with nothing less than absolute bravery and acting with nothing less than absolute bravery and courage.


Collection of Recitations by Tempu Nakamura Page 10-1, 10-2