I will no longer fear anything. The Universal Truth is such that there is no imperfection; only perfection; only perfection in this world, as well as in human life.


If we make an effort to believe this Truth correctly, anything can surely be achieved.


So, from this day on I will no longer speak or act in a passive or negative way. My attitude shall always be affirmative and positive.


At the same time, my thoughts shall always be focused upon the strength of man, as well as upon truth, love and harmony.

Through my body may be physically compromised, my mind shall be aloof and apart from it.

In the face of obstacles in my life, my mind shall not fail to brave them. No, I will make myself strong enough to make even a heartrending bitterness a joy.


Since it is mind that connects me to Universal Divine Spirit, I will promise myself that that I will never soil this knot between Universal Divine Spirit and my mind.


Collection of Recitations by Tempu Nakamura Page 12