Now, I will try not to be anxious, nor pessimistic in vein, no matter what happiness in my life. If we are vainly anxious or pessimistic about something, sooner or later it will become a real fact.


In the heart of the Spirit of the Universe, negative feelings such as anxiety or pessimism do not exist. There is only truth, Goodness and Beauty. I am a man created by the Spirit of the Universe, who has a mind leading to Buddha. Therefore, now that I have awakened to this Truth, I no longer need to be anxious or pessimistic about trifles.


If one does not manifest the essential nature of man at all, he will be a disgrace to mankind.


Only when he acts like a True man, will he be given the happiness blessed to man.


Therefore, I will never indulge in worthless things, such as anxiety or pessimism, in order that I may approach the heart and power of the Spirit of the Universe and live a life bestowed with Truth.


Collection of Recitations by Tempu Nakamura Page 14