Since we were born in this Universe as human beings, designated by the Divine Spirit of Universe, and being blessed with an intimate connection with the Divine Spirit, the first thing we must understand is the profound and subtle Law of Universe, which is connected with our lives.


Indeed! If we become clearly and accurately conscious of this Law, our health will naturally become good and our fortunes will be peaceful.


This is an inviolable rule of life existing since the beginning of the world, and also an immovable law of nature prescribed according to the will of the Divine Spirit of Universe.


In fact, let us rejoice with all our hearts! Just now, we have come to understand with unrestrained joy the truth and the means to realize it. How I can express my happiness and blessings!


Looking back on my past life, how many years have I suffered from the agonies and troubles of life?


Now, I am awakened completely from a wandering dream and I stand at the entrance of a new, enlightened life. My mental eyes are opened to see a brilliant life in the future. My heart is full of inexpressible and infinite joy.


Indeed! This is a joyful emotion which most people in the world do not feel, not even the wealthy, powerful of famous.


Truly I shall never forget this valuable connection with this truth, having been blessed with such happiness. Therefore, in order that my mind may be fixed in this joy and happiness. I will endeavor to put this truth into practice devotedly so that I will not repeat my past errors of ignorance about life. I will push-on with my chosen path bravely with strict self-reflection, and solemnly swear to become a model of sincerity, love and peace for the purpose of increasing the number of similar person in this world.



Collection of Recitations by Tempu Nakamura Page 19-1, 19-2