I joined the 24 hours Namu Myoho Renge Kyo prayer for pandemic. The last hour of chanting, Rev. Myofu Ervinna, the head of Temple of Jakarta, Indonesia, presented the message for us. This message was quite meaningful, so I would like to share it with you.

Rev. Elvinna said: “This time the virus is infecting all people no matter what is the skin color, races and social status are.   This actually reminds us that we all equal with all our differences. And also to remind us we all connected each other. Everything has happened for a reason. The current situation is the result of our bad actions towards our mother earth. And also because of our impure mind. May we continue to cultivate wisdom through our good practice so that we can understand all the phenomena in the world. In this situation we cannot be selfish anymore. We have to help each other through this hard time. All of us can do something to change, but the best offering is through our Odaimoku chanting.

The pandemic is a painful experience for us. Many people have suffered and died. However, didn’t you take notice of this? Recently we don’t see any news about Middle East conflict or nuclear development. Many nations are unable to spend the time preparing for war. Such things are forced to stop by viruses. I believe that the greatest threats of 21 century are the nuclear weapons and military industry and the fight of hegemony between China and the US. These hinder world peace. I believe that unless the minds of political leaders and economical leaders change, coronavirus will remain in the world. Because viruses have a mission to change the earth to the peaceful earth. But I don’t want to see such painful circumstances that many innocent people suffer from the sickness.

Therefore, all people who live on earth should reflect on their life and their spiritual attitude for nature. Pandemic is giving us the time to reflect. Virus may bring to improve the world peace and when they achieved the mission, they will disappear.

I would like to express deep appreciation to health care workers, especially to those who are caring patients on the frontline. I would also like to keep paring for people who are sacrificing their life for humankind.

Namu Myoho Renge Kyo.