Why we compost?

Hello everyone!

As we are going through this time of the year, Honolulu Myohoji has been thinking about sustainable way of living.

One of the things we can be sustainable is to minimize the amount of trash. I know may people in Oahu is working on composting, but here’s a reason to do!

Below is an interesting thing we learned to day, so let us share:

It’s hard to believe that an apple core here and a banana peel there can actually add up to the 650 pounds of food that the average American household throws out each year. This accounts for roughly 60% of the used landfill space that continuously poisons our groundwater and heats up our atmosphere. But food waste doesn’t have to be destined for the dumps. Instead of harming the environment with trash cans

Source: https://zerowastestore.com/


We are hoping to share many more ideas to be sustainable.

Many more articles will be with you!



Honolulu Myohoji