It is up to you about which of the worlds that you go to.

From now on, it will come to be that those who a living positively, and those who are living negatively, will separate and exist and live on this earth.


To live positively is to be blessed mentally healthy, to be kind to others and be treated kindly by others, and to live in a wonderful, peaceful world.


Those who live negatively are in poverty and always fighting with others.  There is war, and while always suffering from problems, they live in world of many hardships.


While living on the same earth, we will be separated in these two directions and live.

It is just that to live in a positive world, there are things that you must do.  For example, purify your karma.   Purify the karma that you have carried from the past.  Change the words that you speak with.  Change your thoughts.  Never use bad words.  Do not talk about things that you do not want to happen.  Do not think about those things.  Think only about what you want to happen.


While you probably know what I am talking about, there are few who really practice it.


I am also keeping watch over myself to live positively.  Yet human beings will naturally become negative when left unattended.  A human being is an animal of worry and complaint.  Without effort we become a negative human being.  Doing nothing and suffering in negativity is the state of many human beings.


At Myohoji I will share with you the methods to move toward a positive earth.  There is nothing difficult about this.  You only need to practice.


It is up to you about which of the worlds that you go to.