Oeshiki – the day of gratitude to our founder

Oeshiki is a memorial ceremony to celebrate our founder, St. Nichiren.

It will be October 12 to October 13, 2020 in Hawaii time.
The literal meaning of Oeshiki is:
O = respect (or honor)
E = to meet
SHIKI = service
Who do we meet? We meet St. Nichiren, or Nichiren Daibosatsu (日蓮大菩薩) in japanese.
St. Nichiren devoted himself to spreading lotus sutra in Japan. It was back in the 13 century.
He has been respected as the eternal spirit on this earth.
Let us pray for the world. We are all connected and protected by St. Nichiren.
To pray for Oeshiki, please chant Odaimoku, or lotus sutra.
What is important is the sound of Odaimoku we chant.
The sound of Odaimoku is the greatest act of showing gratitude to St. Nichiren.
Oeshiki is the day of gratitude to our founder.
Human beings are all sustained by Buddha Shakyamuni, who provides us every single essential thing to our life.
Honolulu Myohoji will have a special service on October 12, 2020 at 1:00 pm HST.