Observing proper etiquette

Observing proper etiquette is one of the three principles of the path of happiness.

Etiquette is about courtesy and good manners. They are the model for action for a human being to live.

In a world, there is the code of conduct for a person and the paths that must be followed by a human being.

In preschool education the most important thing to do is the basic discipline to live as a human being. It is called the basic habits of life. For courtesy and good manners, there are basic things to the courtesy and good manners of each occupation. However,  shouldn’t we first properly learn the minimum necessary courtesy and good manners for human survival?

In Japanese, the word for etiquette, rei, also means to respect. The mind that respects people, respects the gods and Buddham respects heaven earth, and respects all things in the universe is rei. That is why to observe proper etiquette, is to firmly hold to this mind of respect.