The merit of the practice of worship

Through the merit of the practice of worship, Jofukyo Bodhisattva achieved the purity of the six sense organs: the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, the tactile body and mind. And he was able to widely expound the Lotus Sutra for a long period of time.

Those who attacked Jofukyo Bodhisattva saw the merits of his way of life and they all came to hold him in high esteem. In this way did these people also achieve great benefits in this world.

This story, which is explained in the Lotus Sutra, Chapter 20, Jofukyo Bodhisattva, teaches us about how great are the benefits from observing proper etiquette and being in harmony with others.

In order to become happy by working for the sake of the world, people and world peace, we must observe proper etiquette, worship others, revere the Buddhas and deities, and be grateful to heaven and earth, and all things in the universe. Let us deeply impress this on our mind.