What seeds are you planting in your life?

What seeds are you planting in your life? What tree are you planting?

Hereʻs a continuation of our last blog about the path to fulfill our lifeʻs destiny.

A mountain in Kyoto called Haratani-en is known for beautiful cherry blossom trees over the mountain. Until about ten years ago Haratani-en was said to be a little-known cherry blossom spot of Kyoto. It had not yet gained fame. These days, attracted by the beautiful crimson weeping cherry trees, a large number of people rush to see them to the extent that the parking lot gets full.

After the Second World War, the owner, who lived on the not yet developed mountain, resolved to make Haratani a famous cherry blossom spot that will delight people. The cherry blossom he selected was “crimson weeping cherry blossom,” which was not to be found anywhere else. Each year he continued to plant a small number of seedlings. The mountain owner continued to plant and raise the trees with the dream of the crimson weeping cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Fifty years later, today, his mountain has finally become a noted spot for crimson weeping cherry blossoms, which deeply impress its visitors. They are moved by not only the beauty of the flowers but also by the devoted efforts of the man who planted and raised the trees. A seed that is not sown will not grow. A tree that is not planted will not have flowers for viewing and it will not produce fruit. We must not forget our “thank you” for the sower, the planter and the person who raises the plants.