Learn more about kannon boddhi satva, Kannon-sama

Kannon boddhi satva, also known as Kannon-sama, is one of the boddhi satva. There are two types, one is visible and the other is invisible. A person who devotes himself/herself to the society and other people is a living visible kannon boddhi satva. An invisible kannon boddhi satva is always trying to save us on this earth. The real form of kannon boddhi satva is buddha. Kannon boddhi satva is a form of buddha called Shohomyo buddha. He, kannon boddhi satva, is actually a buddha.

To directly save us, the eternal buddha shakyamuni manifested himself as kannon boddhi satva and worked for saving us. Therefore, to pray for him is equal to praying for buddha. In Buddhism, there’s no greater compassionate existence than kannon boddhi satva. Why? It’s because the real entity of kannon boddhi satva is buddha, who is our parent. The mind of eternal buddha shakyamuni is the mind of love.

Thus, it is important to think of kannon boddhi satva and will not forget about kannon boddhi satva’s existence.