Similarity between buddhism and christianity

As we are approaching Christmas Day, let’s see some similarities between buddhism and christianity.

Monastic tendency: In Nichiren-shu, we worship eternal buddha shakyamuni as a supreme and absolute true reality.  The Buddha of eternal life exists. Shakyamuni buddha appeared 2500 years ago in India. Eternal buddha shakyamuni by the time and locality.  In Christianity, it is said that Jesus Christ is the appearance of eternal sole god.

Genuine intention: In Nichiren-shu, we only believe in Lotus Sutra. On the other hand, for some other buddhism especially Tendai, they have varieties of sutra. In christianity, they only believe in Bible. In the teaching of Lotus Sutra, people who chant lotus sutra will be saved regardless of belief in Lotus Sutra. Everyone will be saved as long as we recite Lotus Sutra. This is very similar to what Mother Teresa did. She saved thousands of people in India without asking patients to believe in Christianity.

May your Christmas will be filled with love and joy. Take care and stay healthy!