Four Noble Suffering

We have monthly Lotus Sutra studying classes this year, and here’s one of the things we learned from Rev. Yamamura.

[Four Noble Suffering]

1. Suffering: We all suffer to some extent. We have to recognize and acknowledge the presence of suffering.

2. Origin of suffering: Origin of suffering is illusion.

3. Cessation of suffering: This is that healing is possible, and that there is possibility of cessation. If illusion vanishes, suffering also vanishes.

4. The Path: How to erase suffering? How to do this? It is called the Eight Right Practices. The details of Eight Right practices will be in our next class.

Overall, suffering is something you cannot physically grasp, rather coming from your mind. As long as we are alive, we will have suffering to some extent because our mind wanders. One of the ways you can try better to control our mind is meditation. Honolulu Myohoji has a weekly meditation class on Zoom every Saturday. Let us know if you want to join.