From Dr. Yukari’s Listening Lounge January 10, 2021

During this time, Honolulu Myohoji Mission is utilizing an online platform to better reach you. Questions and concerns may be submitted anonymously, or you can use the link to email either Reverend Yamamura and/or Dr Yukari to set up a private consultation time. This service is free of charge for the first two sessions and strictly confidential. During the on-going pandemic, online counseling has become a safe and convenient option to address your issues from the comfort of your home.


According to a recent online survey, here are a few topics that people are getting help with online:


What people are getting help with (Nov 2020, Business Insider)

They’re looking for emotional support, practical ways to solve problems, and coping skills to help them feel better.  Here’s what the survey found people are getting help for:

  • 71% found help for their apprehension over sending their kids back to school
  • 67% found help for dealing with their job loss
  • 65% found help for being discriminated against
  • 64% found help for their uneasiness of going back to work
  • 63% found help for their concern over them or their loved ones contracting COVID-19


The Traveler’s Story (See this link) highlights the choices we have in life. As individuals, we have the power to create the world we live in, no matter where your journey takes you or what life brings your way.


Aesop’s fable shows us that the way we define our world, is dependent on our perception of the world.


Some have said that the experiences in our life is based on 10% facts, while the remaining 90% is based on our own interpretation. With any experience one goes through, they can choose to interpret an experience as negative or as an opportunity to learn and challenge themselves.


With this being said, how would you interpret the current challenges that come up in your life?