Ambition is the original intention

Even if the seedling of destiny is planted, it will not grow large in a single day. From olden times it was said that peaches and chestnuts take three years, persimmons eight years and apricots easily require thirteen tears of fruit. During the period when the seedlings are being raised, we must endure various difficulties.  A long period of devotion and effort is required. Haratani-en took fifty years. (See our December 17,2020 post) Isn’t it true that to continue through those difficulties and to make an effort for a long period, ambition must always be coming forth from within us?

Ambition is the original intention. It is what we have aspired to at the outset and our great ideal. Ambition is the power that raises the seedling of destiny. We are often told not to forget our original intentions. That is because our diligence becomes accumulative power. Zeami (1363-1442), who greatly perfected the Noh drama in the Muromachi period, has said the following about original intentions in his work kakyo.