Three tips for following original intentions

Ambition is the original intention. It is what we have aspired to at the outset and our great ideal. Ambition is the power that raises the seedling of destiny. We are often told not to forget our original intentions. That is because our diligence becomes accumulative power. Zeami (1363-1442), who greatly perfected the Noh drama in the Muromachi period, has said the following about original intentions in his work kakyo.

First, “one’s original intention of necessity must not be forgotten.” Ze of the word Zehi (of necessity) is the original intention to bring happiness to people. The Hi of Zehi calls on his students to devote themselves while only never forgetting these original intentions.

Second, “one’s original intention of occasion must not be forgotten.” When our mind is moved by having being strongly impressed by something, we cease to be overly concerned about things and our mind is completely clear. at the moment a pure emotion such as resolve wells-up from the depths of our soul. We are being told that moment. Isn’t it important to be strongly impressed by things in life?

Third, “one’s original intention of old age must not be forgotten.” These days our life after retirement has been extended. There are many who are over one hundred, and there are people who still can become of service to society in their older years. Let us never forget our original intention to apply ourselves throughout our lifetime.