From Dr. Yukari’s Listening Lounge, #3-1 YOU: Lessons from Youth to Old Age

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~ Stories that open your heart ~

#3-1 YOU: Lessons from Youth to Old Age January 21, 2021


Imagine a scenario where you are looking at an eight-year-old version of yourself. The younger version of yourself looks miserable, with hands covering your face, and tears streaming down your face. Perhaps, you’ve been scolded by a parent? Maybe you have lost a pet? Or maybe you were bullied by classmates?


This time, you see a 16-year-old version of yourself. At this time, you have recently broken up with your first love and are experiencing immense heartbreak. You believe that it is the end of the world and that you will never find love again.


Next, imagine the birth of your first child. By this point, you are 24-years-old and you are mixed with emotions of excitement and nervousness. Due to the uncertainties that come with parenting, you consult your parents for advice. Despite the enthusiasm you have, you recognize that you need some guidance when it comes to parenting for the first time. 


Looking back, we often remember the confusing and difficult times of our lives. Back then, we may have felt a great deal of uncertainty and were not able to predict the outcome. As many know, hindsight is 20/20 and we are now able to understand how the milestones in our lives have unfolded. We all have memories of the people who offered advice and consolation. We often used the encouraging words of others or gave yourself encouragement in order to overcome the obstacles at hand. 


The technique of imagining your younger self is one of the things I learned while I trained to be a life coach. This coaching method helps you tap into your inner wisdom that you may not have realized you had. By channeling this inner wisdom within, you will be able to utilize it for any upcoming challenges you may face. 


When I ask my clients what they would say to their younger selves, I often receive these responses:

“Don’t worry so much! It will all work out,”

“Stay on and you’ll find a way out and you’ll be stronger,” 

 “Trust yourself. You can do it.”


Others also add, that they’ve had someone advising them through these difficult times. Others also mention their own will power, along with how they were able to listen to their inner voice and tell themselves that everything will be okay.


When things become difficult, we often feel trapped with no escape. It is easy to fall victim to this type of mindset where we are unable to see the end of the tunnel. Despite our own efforts, we might feel that the goal is unattainable. 


It is important to recognize your own success from being able to overcome challenges we previously faced. If the 30-year-old version of yourself could offer words of wisdom to the younger “you”, you would be an excellent life coach.  


 At this point, I am certain you would tell yourself these following words of advice:

“No worries. You don’t need to rush.”

“The challenge you are facing will turn into a beautiful life lesson.” 

“No one knows you better than yourself!”


Oprah Winfrey was once asked the same question in an interview with the British Vogue Magazine.


The interviewer asked, 

“What would you tell your younger self?”

She smiled and responded,

“Be relaxed. Stop being afraid. Everything is going to be alright!” 


An organization called Child Mind Institute has a campaign called #MyYoungerSelf.

Please see the link below for more details.