From Dr. Yukari’s Listening Lounge #3-2, YOU: Lessons from Youth to Old Age

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~ Stories that open your heart ~

#3-2 YOU: Lessons from Youth to Old Age


Previously, I held sessions with a client who had recently lost her husband. She is a successful and dedicated artist who is laser-focused on the success of her career. Due to prostate cancer, her husband of 11 years passed away within a matter of months. Despite being a happy couple, she confessed that she often had to put her career first. Her husband never complained and was even supportive of her endeavors. A few years before his passing, they had moved from the east coast to Hawaii and then to another town shortly after. 


After the loss of her husband, she was filled with regret and could not forgive herself for not spending enough time with him. He was there when she needed him by putting her before his work, and by supporting her career choices. Why couldn’t she see this more clearly?


To this, I asked her the same question,

“What advice would you give your younger self?” 


“I want to go back to only a year ago when we were still in Hawaii. I would tell my younger self to stay in Hawaii! Enjoy each moment with him on our morning walks at Kailua Beach. Relax and simply be with him, just be present.”


Personally, I have asked myself this same question. The advice I received from my imaginary 90-year-old came with a wrinkly smile and a kind set of eyes. 

“Trust yourself, be true, and service as many people as you can.”


What advice would you give the younger YOU?

What advice would the older YOU offer?