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When I was living in a town on the East Coast, I attended a small gathering at a local public library called the “Secret of Happiness”. The speaker was an older lady around 80 years old. She was introduced by the event coordinator as a Lakota native. Her dark complexion and petite figure resembled the old ladies I would often see in a supermarket in Asian countries. 


The Lakota woman was quite fashionable, wearing a bright yellow scarf around her neck. Her presence radiated good and wise knowledge to everyone in the room. Her mischievous eyes twinkled making all of us attendees feel at ease. After her introduction, she stood up to declare,

“I will teach the very secret of happiness to all of you. But, first things first.” 

She began by directing us to face the east where the sun rises. Next, we followed her to face south, the direction of fertility. Then the west, where the sun sets, the direction of death and cleansing. Throughout this exercise, she continued mumbling in words we couldn’t decipher. Finally, she raised both arms toward the ceiling and bowed down to the earth with her arms almost touching the floor. As I reflected on how flexible this older woman is, she spoke, 

“The earth is our Mother and our Grandmother!” 

We sat down feeling invigorated and proceeded to direct our attention to the old lady.  She looked to one of the attendees and asked, 

“How many times do you go to the bathroom in a day?”

The person seemed caught off guard and timidly responded, 

“Not sure, maybe five or six times a day?”

Then the old lady said to us, 

“Each time you go to the bathroom, let’s say 6 times a day, do you express your gratitude to 6 directions—East, South, West, North and the sky and the earth? For me, I add two more times, that is, when I wake up in the morning and before I go to bed. Also, I remember to say words of gratitude before eating and drinking water.”

She continued with a big smile, 

“that’s all.”

One person raised a hand and asked,

“What were you saying when you were facing 6 directions?“

“Oh, I just said thank you in my language.”

That was what the old Lakota woman had taught us. Every day we should face six directions and before we eat, drink, sleep, and wake up, we must verbally express gratitude.