Dr. Yukari’s Listening Lounge #6-2, The Secret of Happiness

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Whether it is in Lakota, English, Hawaiian, Chinese, or Japanese, say the words of gratitude “thank you” and really mean it. This is a simple secret to happiness that we learned from the gathering. 

A person who can do this on a daily basis is the one who can reach the true happiness taught by the Lakota woman. 

Ever since I heard her talk, I have been doing my part on the small Practice of Happiness. Now, I share this practice with my clients. Many of my clients listed the following occasions where we should express our gratitude:

  • When someone does something for us
  • When someone smiles for us
  • When we use tools (computer, car, glasses, kitchen tools, dog leash)
  • When we think of anyone who cares about us
  • When we realize someone needs us (family, kids, colleagues, pets)
  • The fact that we have our job, work, chores, and/or duties
  • The fact that we have today to live
  • The fact that we have the ability to breathe

As human beings, we have a genuine understanding of needing to feel gratitude towards many things. It is often easy to focus on things or people who are not the way we would like them to be. We often forget to express gratitude verbally and to say it with a smile. 

Let’s try this simple exercise. Imagine you are about to eat an apple. How many people are needed to bring the fruit to your hand? Let’s think of those people and simply say, “thank you.”

That is the only secret of happiness.