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Dr. Yukari’s Listening Lounge

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The following story is a famous tale from the Buddha about choices.


The Buddha, also referred to as Shakyamuni sat seated with his disciples near a huge bodhi tree. While monks and villagers quietly gathered around waiting for him to speak, a lanky young man began yelling at Shakyamuni. While this was an unexpected outburst, maybe the young man had a clear motive for disliking him. Perhaps he was not happy with Shakyamuni’s reputation or had a strong dislike towards something he had witnessed. The young man continued to lash out at him swearing and using words that were both terrible and hurtful.


Shakyamuni looked at the young man and asked him a question,


“When a visitor comes to your house, would he bring you a gift?”


The young man snapped back,


“Of course, so what?”


“What if the gift was rotten food? Would you accept it?”


“Hell no, what are you even talking about?”


The young man continued his verbal attacks on the Buddha.


Shakyamuni continued, 


“Well then, let me ask you. If you did not accept the rotten gift, who does the gift belong to?”


“That’s foolish! It belongs to the stupid visitor who brought the useless gift!”


Shakyamuni responded smiling and nodding,


“To those angry words you tried to give me, who do they still belong to?”


The man was at a loss for words. After a few seconds passed, he kneeled near Shakyamuni with his head bowed down.


(To be continued.)