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Brene Brown, a social worker and author of The Power of Vulnerability expressed interest in the obstacles people face in order to reach a state of genuine happiness. After many years of researching, she noticed many commonalities between those who are happy and unhappy.


Despite having high social standing, high education level, or an abundance of wealth, unhappy people feel unfulfilled. They feel that “something is missing” or that “things, people, or situations are not good enough”.


It is common to hide these emotions since they often believe that expressing these thoughts are shameful. They sweep this lingering feeling under the rug as an effort to “forget”. They not only hide these emotions from others, but also from themselves. These emotions they experience at their core are ignored while they continue on with daily life. Brown concludes that unhappy people are unable to experience true happiness since they are unable to be vulnerable enough to experience shame. They can also feel that they are a “fraud” and also view vulnerability as a sign of weakness.


As for people who genuinely feel happiness, they have come to terms with who they are by understanding their strengths and weaknesses. Brown adds that those who are vulnerable and take emotional risks can integrate instability and uncertainty into their lives. While this may be risky, Brown refers to this as the “power of vulnerability”.


Brown concludes by emphasizing the importance of removing the “shameful” feelings associated with your emotions. Instead, we should learn to recognize these emotions as an important part of who you are. We should stop ourselves from being quick to analyze, criticize and discard these feelings. Instead, we should take time to understand and cherish these emotions. Finally, once you are ready, you can open up to these feelings and channel your own “power of vulnerability”.


(To be continued…)