Dr. Yukari’s Listening Lounge #10-2, The Wizard in us

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Dr. A. M. Krazner, who established the Krazner Method for hypnotherapy, has previously said, “We all have Wizards Within”. This phrase is also the title of his book involving clinical hypnotherapy. In his book, he has said,

“Everybody knows that Wizards have magic to make our dreams come true. But do we know that each of us has own Wizard inside of us who executes what we order to do? Every single thing that happens in our life is the result of what the Wizard followed our order.”

Dr. Krazner calls this hidden power the Wizard within us. His hypnotic method involves helping people become aware of the existence of this power which he also calls unconsciousness. Similar to Dorothy and her group members believing in the power of the Wizard of Oz, we need to trust the capabilities of the Wizard within us. The power is not over the rainbow, but it IS already within us. In order to activate the Wizard within us, we may need a change of scenery to spark our adventurous minds. While we may not need to be swept by a tornado or venture out to the Yellow Brick Road, it is important to step outside of our comfortable homes every once in a while.

As a hypnotherapist myself, I have witnessed many client breakthroughs once they realize that the power is within themselves. Just remember, your inner Wizard is within, waiting for you to channel its power.