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Jia Jiang grew up in China dreaming that one day, he could become a famous entrepreneur like Bill Gates. The ambitious young man travelled to America hopeful with enthusiasm. Towards the beginning of his career, he was successful working as a marketing manager for a fortune 500 company. Soon, his ideas were met with countless rejections from many of his team members and employees. By this point, he realized that rejection and fear were the biggest obstacles to his success. He noticed himself becoming withdrawn and easily crushed, becoming so afraid of failure that he struggled to move on. 


Fear of rejection is common with many young people. But what makes Jia Jiang’s story unique, is the technique he developed to cope with this internal fear. In order to confront his fear, he began practicing Rejection Therapy. Within this practice, he came up with roughly 100 scenarios where he would most likely get rejected. Some of his scenarios include a situation, where he requests a second serving of a burger free of charge at a fast food restaurant, or even asking a firefighter to let him use the sliding pole.


His first task on the list may have been the hardest. He approached a security man of a building and asked him for a $100. As expected, the security man rejected him but kindly proceeded to ask him why he needed the money. Without being able to properly form a response, he left without saying anything. He continued to practice these rejection scenarios. He worked on coming up with one rejection scenario a day, to which he would write down onto his 3×5 index card. By doing this frequently, he was working on developing a new mental muscle that would help him cope with rejection and fear.


Over time, Jia Jiang was able to explain his odd requests to others, on why he was asking for others to grant his unusual wishes. He became comfortable asking why others have rejected him. One day, he knocked on the door and asked the lady inside, if he can plant a flower pot in her yard. She declined his offer, but he continued their conversation by asking why she rejected him. She explained that her dog would easily dig the flowers, leading to her to explain why she cannot plant anything in her garden.


(To be Continued)

*Rejection Therapy was created in a card game form by a Canadian hypnotist Jason Comely. https://www.rejectiontherapy.com/