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Eva and her sister Miriam were both born in Romania and they immigrated to Israel at a young age. Later, Eva moved to the US with her husband while Miriam stayed in Israel. Unfortunately, Miriam passed away 26 years ago after giving birth to her third child. A postmortem autopsy revealed that Miriam’s kidney was not fully developed since her childhood and even stopped working during the most recent pregnancy. The Israeli doctor also concluded that her harrowing experiences in the concentration camp could be partially responsible for her passing.


The sisters were survivors of the horrible experiments that were conducted on twins at Auschwitz. Eva still recalls the day they arrived at the camp after a lengthy and filthy train ride. While standing in line after their arrival, a Nazi soldier called out to the crowd, 

“Twins? Twins? Are there any twins?”

Their mother asked the soldier, 

“Is it a good thing? To be a Twin?”

The soldier quickly responded yes leaving their mother behind in the right line while the twins were placed in the left line. This was the last time the girls saw their mother. It was also the beginning of their horrific experience as the objects of human experimentation conducted by Dr. Josef Mengele, also known as the Angel of Death.


 “Every day we were forced to stand or sit stark-naked for up to 8 hours. Nazi’s took our blood, injected us with unknown medications, and gave us various surgeries. We were simply human guinea pigs.”


During this time, Nazi’s were interested in researching eugenics in order to maintain their Aryan purity. An estimated number of 3,000 children were in the twin pool but only about 90 twins survived when Russians liberated the concentration camps. Eva and Miriam miraculously survived the concentration camp but was unable to speak on behalf of their experiences for over 40 years. 


As it was previously mentioned, Eva’s sister Miriam did not have fully-functioning kidneys. Unfortunately, Miriam passed shortly after Eva decided to offer her kidney to her ill sister. It was after Miriam’s death that Eva felt the responsibility to speak on their experiences at the concentration camp.


(To be continued)