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Eva points to a photo of herself 69 years ago.

One day, a German TV show requested to interview Eva for a documentary. They requested for her to meet an SS doctor named Hans Munch. Eva decided to go along with their wishes by meeting the 93-year-old Nazi doctor. She was interested in hearing their side of the story. She also aimed to share the facts of the Holocaust especially to those who denied the existence of the Holocaust. She felt an odd sense of gratitude towards the doctor since he agreed to testify regarding the gas chambers along with signing a document showing proof of the death of her family members. Eva even agreed to return to Auschwitz as a visitor accompanied by the German doctor and his family. 

For a while, Eva struggled with figuring out how to effectively convey her conflicting feelings. In the end, she decided to write a letter to Dr. Munch. With English not being her native language, she decided to consult an English teacher with the contents of her letter. During this consultation, the English teacher suggested that Eva should write a letter to Dr. Josef Mengele instead, since he was the ultimate cause of the twin’s experimentation.

To Eva, this seemed like an impossible plan. At first, she went home and gathered all of the bad words she could find in an English dictionary. She cursed Dr. Mengele as much as she possibly could. In the end, she concluded by writing, “I forgive you, the Angel of Death”.

Eva finally felt liberated from the horrific events she endured at the concentration camp. The powerless 10-year-old version of herself no longer existed. The image of a younger Eva with the lack of authority, money, and physical power dissipated. It was then, that she felt released from her past. That was the ultimate power of forgiveness.

Eva went on to establish an organization called CANDLES (Children of Auschwitz Nazi Deadly Lab Experiments Survivors). The group found 120 survivors out of 180 twins. In 2006, another documentary film was created by Americans titled “Forgiving Dr. Mengele”. In 2015, Eva received an honorary award called the Anne Frank Human Rights award. It is no mistake that the actions of Nazi Germany to people like Eva and her family are seen as unforgivable acts. From these awful experiences that Eva endured, she left with a message that states that in order to heal and become a happier person, we must forgive those who have gravely mistreated us. Eva Moses Kor passed away on July 4, 2019.