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During the 1860’s Gold Rush, a man named Darby travelled from the East to the Rocky Mountains in hopes of becoming rich quickly. Luck seemed to be on his side due to gold deposits which were found at a new frontier in Colorado. It was believed that these gold deposits connected to something greater, a high-quality goldmine. Darby returned to his hometown in Maryland to gather the necessary equipment and machinery for this new digging operation. Once he gathered everything he needed, he returned to Colorado with his nephew R.U. Darby.


The uncle-nephew team became determined to find the largest and best quality goldmine ever. The continued to dig all day and all night occasionally forgetting to eat or sleep. Weeks and months passed by. They continued to dig day after day. Soon enough, both men grew long hair and beards becoming desperate and tired. The men became increasingly discouraged and they seemed to reach a breaking point. 


“This is it. It’s time to quit. We were in way over our heads. It’s time to head home and find a stable job!”


The pair spent years working to pay back the money they previously borrowed in order to purchase the necessary equipment and machinery for the job. The used equipment and machinery were sold to a junk yard owner in Colorado for almost nothing. After the pair left to return to Maryland, the owner of the junkyard decided to consult with a mine engineer to investigate what went wrong with the Darby’s hunt for gold. 


The story above is found in Napoleon Hill’s best-selling book Think and Grow Rich (published in 1937). Napoleon Hill is considered to be one of the greatest self-help authors in America. He decided to quote Darby’s story due to expected events that followed.


(To be continued)