Stories from Dr. Yukari, Story #17-1, Super Senior

[ Stories from Dr. Yukari ]

Guided by the hope of St. Nichiren, we continue to work towards a peaceful society. Honolulu Myohoji Mission collaborates with Psychologist Dr. Yukari Kunisue, a trained and experienced therapeutic life coach, to offer a safe online space: Stories from Dr. Yukari


Burt Goldman Artwork:


A screen full of colors dancing in the flower field, or maybe you see an imaginative forest. Perhaps, you visualize a nostalgic dream with streaks of white and orange with a subtle light in the back. This delightful painting is the artwork of an amateur artist, Burt Goldman.


Burt was never taught how to paint. He did not have any professional teachers and he also did not attend art school. While he always loved various pieces of artwork, it wasn’t until later in life when he discovered his love of art. 


One day, at the age of 78, Burt decided to pick up a paintbrush. He has a unique and special method of painting. He is not one to open the guidebook on Basic Art 101 in order to learn art history, color structure, or how to master various strokes. Instead, he begins his process with deep mediation and visualization. He often recalls his favorite pieces of art from renown artists. He visualizes the artistic process of the painter and breaks it down step by step, line by line, feeling the brush strokes, smelling the paints, and hearing the sound of the brush moving on the canvas. In his imagination, he also visualizes himself standing closely behind the artist who is in the middle of creating the painting.


Once the painting has been completed in his mind, he uses this process to turn it into a reality from his own paintbrush. According to Burt, this is how the subconsciousness works within our minds. All Burt has to do during his artistic process is to allow the artist within, to transfer the vision onto the canvas. 

Is this technique really possible? Burt responds, 

“Of course, it’s possible!” 

He invites you to take a look at the collection of his work 

(to be continued)