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Guided by the hope of St. Nichiren, we continue to work towards a peaceful society. Honolulu Myohoji Mission collaborates with Psychologist Dr. Yukari Kunisue, a trained and experienced therapeutic life coach, to offer a safe online space: Stories from Dr. Yukari


Burt is playing and singing Casa Blanca


Burt Goldman was 19 years old when he left his hometown and enlisted as a young soldier to fight in the Korean war. He was later stationed in Hawai’i where he was introduced to the Asian and Hawaiian spiritual worlds. In Hawaii, he learned about Hawaiian healing arts from a Kahuna. Back in California, he studied yogic philosophy from the renown Indian teacher, Paramahansa Yogananda. He also studied under the Mexican spiritual leader Jose Silva in order to master the method of mind control, as well as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and hypnosis. 


Despite his impressive credentials, he is known to be very down-to-earth resembling the friendly elderly neighbor next door. He calls himself the American Monk. He reminds us, “I did it. So can you! You definitely can!” He wrote books including Super Mind and Quantum Jump in order to advocate for the benefits of meditation and tapping into your subconscious.


After his painting fever came to an end, possibly due to running out of wall space, he began a new challenge to play to piano. He had an old piano at home but he never learned to play formally. Before, he used to play with his right index finger by following a simple melody. He told himself at the age of 83, 


“I am going to learn to play my favorite song Casa Blanca, the theme song of the cinematic classic!” 


Using the same methods from his painting, he began his “piano practice”. He sat down to meditate followed by his visualization practice. He would ask his imaginary piano teacher how to effectively move his left hand, or how to use all of his fingers at once. He eventually mastered the song and he even learned how to sing along with his piano. 

Here is a YouTube that Burt is playing and singing Casablanca

Burt emphasizes, 


“It is not only what you have done, but it is what you can do from now on. Go ahead and do it!”


This doesn’t only apply to painting, playing, or whatever you want to do. It is important to take the first step and keep on going. Burt is now over 90 years old and he continues to keep going. He happens to be the same age as my father who recently passed away. Listening to Burt play Casablanca made me realize how happy I am that we still have lots to learn from the older generations.