Stories from Dr. Yukari, Story 46, Soul Coach

[ Stories from Dr. Yukari ]

Guided by the hope of St. Nichiren, we continue to work towards a peaceful society. Honolulu Myohoji Mission collaborates with Psychologist Dr. Yukari Kunisue, a trained and experienced therapeutic life coach, to offer a safe online space: Stories from Dr. Yukari

Anthony Mahavoric was born and raised in California and was the oldest of three brothers from a poor family. Their mother was addicted to alcohol and drugs and frequently became physically and verbally abusive. She struggled to control her emotions and would even physically punish her children by shoving soap into their mouths or banging their heads against a wall until they bled. There were many days where the boys did not have enough food to eat. 

One day on Thanksgiving when Anthony was 11 years old, his mother and step father were arguing. The mother was heard accusing the father of not bringing home enough money to feed the family. The table was empty with no festive foods such as turkey, stuffing or pumpkin pie. The brothers huddled in the corner of the room while the argument continued. 

Soon, a knock was heard on the door. When the boy opened the door, he was greeted by a tall man who held out a large box to him. The smiling man said to the boy, “Happy Thanksgiving!” The man, the boy thought was Santa himself who came by on the wrong day. The box contained a large amount of Thanksgiving food from a nearby charity in the community. At this moment in time, the boy made a split-second decision vowing to deliver Thanksgiving food to people no matter what. 

Anthony loved school but could not go as regularly as he wished. Instead, he would borrow books from the library or from friends in order to self-study everything from philosophy, psychology, history, religion, economics, biographies, and any other topic he could get his hands on. He easily read at least 100 books a year. 

After six years, Thanksgiving Day came around and Anthony had saved up enough money from different jobs and managed to deliver Thanksgiving meals to two families. While it was only for two families, he felt happy that he could somewhat return the kind gesture to others. The following year when he turned 17, he was able to deliver meals to eight families. This was also the year when his mother became violent and swung a knife around demanding him to get out of the house and never return. After he became independent, Anthony continued high school by supporting himself as a janitor, moving assistant, and a handyman. If and when he had any money left, he sent it home to his mother and little brothers. 

Anthony Mahavoric was later known as Tony Robbins the “soul coach”. He became famous as a life coach for celebrities including American presidents, film stars including Leonardo DiCaprio, world-class athletes such as Andre Agassi, and late princess Diana. He also coached top-level business executives, middle-level managers, veteran military officers, housewives, and students. He is considered to be one of the top life coaches. 

He has a passionate and dynamic coaching style especially in a group setting. His energetic style of jumping, yelling, whispering, and going for 12 hours non-stop is also a set style of his. He is known to cry with you, scold you, hug and even dance with you. He seems to have a special incessant power to make the impossible seem possible. When Tony Robbins was a young life coach, he conducted an empowering ritual known as fire walking. He was also an NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist as well. He wrote a book called Awaken the Giant Within and promoted the concept that everyone has a giant within themselves that hold a special power. Anyone who encounters Tony often feels an awakening and an existence of this giant within. 

While I could not afford to attend Tony Robbin’s super charger seminar which costs several thousand dollars for three days, I studied his style on Youtube throughout the years. I was trying to understand the differences between his style compared to other motivational speakers. I noticed his ability to slow down and listen to others along with his ability to motivate them. He understands the ability to communicate through the soul. As we have seen in his upbringing, he did not come from money or higher education but he still held the secret to life. Adversity is the gift of life. Conquering life challenges is the way to awaken the giant within. Giving helping hands to others can help his spiritual growth. 

As he promised to himself, he was able to establish a philanthropy NPO called the Anthony Robbins Foudation. Over 1,500 schools and 700 prisons receive food periodically from this organization. And on several holidays, roughly four million people will receive a warm meal. 

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Someone like Little Anthony Mahavoric may be inside his house waiting to get help embark on a journey to awaken the Soul Giant.

Super Coach: Tony Robbins