Three basic principle of Ayurveda for food choices

Ayurveda talks a lot about food, and it is one of the main principles of Ayurveda. Food is called Ahar in Sanskrit. If you have heard of Ayurveda, you might feel it is complicated to follow along, but it is actually very simple!

Below are  basic guidelines to follow.


  1. Eat when you can digest.
  2. Eat the quantity you can digest.
  3. Eat what you can digest.


Below is a quick explanation of what to follow. 


Eat when you can digest.

For each meal, make sure to have enough time to digest in between meal times. It is said to take 4 to 6 hours to digest one meal. Hence, my recommendation of eating time is: breakfast at 8:00am, lunch around noon, then dinner at 5:00pn or a little later. When your previous meal is not digested and you start eating, it will complicate your digestion and it will lead you to have indigestion.


Eat the quantity you can digest.

This is a very simple suggestion. Please avoid overeating. Overeating will diminish your agni, your digestive fire. The suggested quantity per meal is two handfuls of cooked meals. This is applicable to any age. For those who feel hungry you may not be chewing well. It is very important to chew very well, until any solid items are gone in your mouth.


Eat what you can digest.

Believe or not, the stomach will have a hard time digesting deep fried food, processed foods, and refined sugar. There is more to talk about hard to digest food, but the best is to eat an easy to digest meal. Ayurveda recommends eating freshly cooked vegetables, rice, wheat (non-GMO), beans, and other grains. If dates and local raw honey is available, it will be a good option, too.

*Honey is recommended as raw.