Agni – for your food digestion and mental clarity


Eating and digesting cannot be thought of separately in Ayurveda. Digestion is based on your digestive fire, agni in Sanskrit, and it is recommended to eat by monitoring your condition of agni. Agni is said to be located in your stomach area. Agni is like a fire. It can get stronger or weaker depending on what you eat and what you experience.


Stable Agni will bring you to a healthy life in the long term. When agni is stable, you can digest your food easily and will not feel any constipation, gas or bloating. Not only that, agni plays an important role in digesting your emotions. When your agni is too strong, you will feel angry quite often. When your agni is weak or diminished, it will lead you to illness. 


When you are not feeling any appetite, your agni might be compromised. In this case, you may not want to force yourself to eat. If you decide to eat, it is a good idea to eat something easy to digest, such as rice, cooked vegetables and mung beans. 


Ayurveda recommends eating before sunset. It is because your digestive fire, agni, is said to be working well when the sun is there. Lunchtime has the strongest agni, so it is a very good idea to have a decent meal around noon. The basic idea is two to three meals per day based on your constitution. I personally recommend eating three times a day.