How much water do we need to drink?

Let’s start with a pop quiz today. 

Q: What is the appropriate amount of water to drink per day for an adult?


A lot of times, I hear that you need to drink 2 liters, or 2 quarts of water. Where is this quantity coming from?


In Ayurveda, doing something excessively is not a good idea. If you are not overly active or working under the sun all day, my recommendation for the drink is around 1 liter to 1.2 liter per day. It is around  1 to 1.2 quarts per day. One important thing is to have enough liquid in your meal, such as beans, rice and soups.


The basic recommendation for a meal is to fill your stomach with  ¼ of grains, ¼ of vegetables, ¼ of liquid and ¼ of space. It is somewhat hard to imagine, but you can visually relate it to your meal. When you eat, it is recommended to chew very well. When you chew well, you will feel a burp at the end of the meal, and it is the sign from your stomach to finish your meal. When you finish your meal around that time, it will naturally become the ¾ quantity of your stomach filled.


To answer the pop quiz earlier, the answer is 1 liter to 1.2 liter per day.